Hadeeth 2 of Forty Ahadeeth on Islamic Revival by Dr AH Quick

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Hadeeth 2 of Forty Ahadeeth on Islamic Revival by Dr AH Quick


Aboo Hurayrah (ra) reported that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said,
hadeeth 2 of Forty Hadeeth on Islamic Revival

This, my Ummah, is a nation that has mercy on it. Its punishment will not be in the Hereafter, but in this life. That being fitan(2), earthquakes, and murder.”(3)


Many people wonder why Muslims are suffering so much in the lands of Islam. These trials are punishment and purification for the corruption and oppression that exists within our Ummah. We should take heed from these tribulations and make constant tawbah (repentance) to Allah (swt). Maybe through our seeking mercy and not returning to our wrong actions, the calamities can be lifted. We can no longer only blame the West or the disbelievers for the calamities and crises that have befallen us. Islam is a complete way of life that is viable in all environments at all times, and when practiced accordingly, will lead to success, victory and peace.

2. Fitan, the plural of Fitnah, can refer to a trial, tribulation, punishment, temptation, confusion or calamity or wars between Muslims
3. This Hadeeth is reported in Sunan Aboo Dawood, Ibn Majah, and Musnad ibn Hanbal. Al Haakim, also, reported and authenticated it. Ath-Thahabi confirmed this position. See ‘Aun al-Ma‘bood of ibn Qayyim al- Jawziyyah, vol.11, Hadeeth #4258.