Forty Ahadeeth on Islamic Revival by Dr AH Quick – Hadeeth 1

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Forty Ahadeeth on Islamic Revival by Dr AH Quick – Hadeeth 1

Introduction to the series of Forty Ahadeeth.

Forty Ahadeeth on Islamic RevivalAll praises are due to Allah , Lord of the worlds. Surely the best reward in the next life is for those who have “Taqwa” and surely there is no animosity except for the oppressor. I bear witness that Allah  is One and has no partners, and that Muhammad , the son of ‘Abdullah, is His servant and last Messenger. May Allah  send His choicest Blessings and Peace upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad , his family, his Companions, and all those who call to his way and establish his Sunnah till the Day of Judgement.

As to what follows: Islam has taken a firm hold in the Western world during the past thirty years. Those who have been involved in the propagation and establishment of Islam recognize that the greatest enemy to Islamic growth has not been military or political. The greatest threat has come, primarily, from the new and sophisticated tactic of “Confuse and Conquer”. The opponents of Islam have spent millions of dollars convening conferences, publishing books, producing television and radio specials, releasing Hollywood anti-Islamic fantasies and supporting deviant forms of Islam. Despite this tidal wave of confusion, Islam continues to spread. Young people, especially in the United States, see Islam as a type of alternative culture, or as a spiritual sanctuary.