Hadeeth 3 of Forty Ahadeeth on Islamic Revival by Dr AH Quick

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Hadeeth 3 of Forty Ahadeeth on Islamic Revival by Dr AH Quick


Thawbaan (ra) reported that the Messenger of Allah(saw) said:

hadeeth 3 - On the International Attack on Muslims

“The nations are about to call one another and descend upon you just as those who are eating invite others in sharing their food. Someone asked, “Will that be because we are few in number at that time?” He answered, “ No, at that time you will be numerous. But you will be froth/scum carried by the torrent. Allah will remove the fear of you from the hearts of your enemies and will put a weakness into your hearts”. Then someone asked, “What is that weakness?” He replied, “Love of the world and hatred of death.” (Reported in Aboo Dawood and he said that it is authentic – Hasan – Saheeh).


The armies of the Western world and their allies are again pouring into the Middle East and surrounding the heartlands of Islam. Thousands of children have died in Iraq as a result of unjust sanctions. False justifications of fighting “terror”, or disarming governments which were created and armed by the same Western powers, are being used as a means of destroying the next generation of Muslim youth.

Where are the Muslim leaders and their huge armies? What has happened to the billions of dollars spent to prepare their own military defence systems? Surely the Prophet Muhammad(saw) did not speak from himself. Allah (swt)gave him a vision of the events of our times. Muslims are increasing in numbers throughout the world. Our masaajid and Islamic centres overflow on special occasions. Millions make earnest supplications on the Hajj, asking the Creator to lift this oppression from our backs and bring back the dignity and security of the past.

Something fundamental has to change in the essence of our Islam. The Messenger of Allah (saw) and his Companions did not have the support of millions of people or fabulous oil and mineral wealth, but Allah (swt) gave them authority in the land. They feared Him alone, and were not tied to the material world. They longed to meet their Lord and did not see death as an end but as a door leading to a better existence.

The time has come for Muslims to re-examine their relationship with the Creator and bring out the real Islamic personality that can transform a puppet, despotic ruler into a noble servant of humanity or a weak, humiliated Muslim into a mighty defender of Truth.