Hadeeth Six – On the Essence of the Prophetic Message

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Hadeeth Six – On the Essence of the Prophetic Message

Aboo Hurayrah (ra) reported that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said:

Hadeeth 6 of Abdullah Hakim Quick's 40 Hadeeth

Verily, I have been sent to complete the best in character.” (Al- Muwatta)*


The essence of the Islamic message begins with the character of the individual. This has a profound effect on all actions. The first Islamic state has to be developed inside of the person and then in the external world.  If we are not able to establish Islam within ourselves, then how can we establish Sharee‘ah in the land. If we are not prepared to suffer through a “Makkan Period”, then how can we expect the fruits and responsibilities of a  “Madinan Period?”
This was the real message of the Prophet Muhammad (saw). Begin with the source, the internal Muslim.  Beautify the person and reflect the Creator in all that we do. This is the beginning of real change, “the complete revolution” that does not stop with economics while
neglecting the individual.  Islam deals with all aspects of life and all spheres of existence.

*This Hadeeth found in Al-Muwatta in the’”Kitaab husn-ul-khuluq”, # 8. It is also supported by  narrations of Aboo Hurayrah and others. It was authenticated by Ibn ‘Abd al Barr.