Hadith Eight – On Real Strength

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Hadith Eight – On Real Strength

On the authority of Aboo Hurayrah ­ who said that the Messenger of Allah(saw) said,

“The strong one is not really the good wrestler but the one who controls himself when he is angry.” (Agreed Upon) 6

Commentary: Society, today, is placing too much emphasis on physical strength
and the ability to fight. The “law of the jungle” has become the prevailing source of the political and economic decisions made by individuals and even powerful nations. Muslims have been subjected to torture, imprisonment and exile without the recourse to the rule of law or the justice of “civil society”.
This injustice should not cloud our eyes to “Prophetic guidance”. Prophet Muhammad(saw) was blessed with the ability to express profound meanings in a few words. Here he reminds us that fitness and self-defense, that undoubtedly, form part of the Islamic personality, are not the source of real strength. Real strength comes from self-control.
An accomplished martial arts master avoids brawling and saves his energy and skill for the ultimate encounter. Only the arrogant novice looks for a fight and exposes his abilities to the world. A Muslim loves and hates for Allah and should be confident in the help of the Creator. He should be humble yet firm, open-minded yet commited to his faith. Patience and moderation will bring about, Insha-Allah, long term victories and win the pleasure of Allah.

6 See Al Lu’Lu wal Marjaan, Vol 3 p 199 Hadeeth # 1676