Ten Point Manifesto: “Survival to Revival”

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  1. An Increase in “Taqwa” (the consciousness of Allah). Taqwa consisting of Fear and Hope is the bottom line in all our affairs. We will never achieve an Islamic State or an Islamic economy or Islamic lifestyle without it.
  2.  A Return to Authentic Sources: Separating Islam from Culture. This requires learning classical Arabic and learning how to the go back to the ‘Usool’ or foundations of our faith.
  3. Focus on Islamic character as opposed to Ibadah (worship). Prayer, fasting, Zakat, Hajj, etc are supposed to produce a balanced, humble, sincere pious person!!!
  4.  Wisdom and Balance: Extremism is clouding our Path. We need to empower our students and communities with “Fiqh Al-Waaqi” (A balanced understanding of the realities that are facing us.) Too much time is wasted arguing over trivia and refusing to respect the opinion or analysis of others.
  5. Healthy, empowered families : The family is the building block of society. Our communities are being haunted by spousal abuse, divorce, unwanted pregnancy, and delinquent children. We can boast the best “Aqeedah” or “Tasawwuf” or “Islamic economics” or “Khilaafat” but if our families are breaking up, we’re going nowhere! Empower the sisters, educate the youth about Islam, include the physically handicapped! Allah does not exclude us from His mercy, no matter who we are!!!”
  6. Shura (mutual consultation): Constant communication is essential for real change in our relationships. We need to have open dialogue in our families, the masjids, among leaders of our Islamic centers and ultimately our countries.
  7. Cooperation and unity: We need to start looking at each other for what unites us and not what divides us. Even if we have ‘operational unity’ to collectively deal with issues that affect us all.
  8. Special Emphasis on the Youth: They are the majority and the inheritors of the future. We need to focus on empowerment, balanced leadership and the capacity to implement Islam in new environments.
  9. Empowerment of New Muslims:  Muslims are in need of new blood. Many of our leaders in decisive moments of the past were from Non-Arab, new Muslim communities.
  10. Outreach (Calling to Allah): Today, outreach (Dawah) is needs to be based on providing Islamic solutions to real problems. Less talk and more action!
From the ideas and experiences of  Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick

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