Da'wah Projects

Da’wah Projects at Discover Islam Centre

Under the banner of the Discover Islam Centre Dr Abdullah Hakim Quick has been involved in a number of Da’wah projects Including some of the following:

  • Qur’aan Distribution Project
  • Establishment of international network of Da’wah communications
  • Production of Da’wah literature including pamphlets, Essay’s and Booklets
  • Production of Islamic Audio and video tapes
  • Translation of Islamic Literature into local African Languages
  • Special series of lectures for college students explaining about Islam and current topics
  • Islamic Awareness Campaigns (Exhibition of Discover Islam Series)
  • Jumu’ah (Friday) Khutbah series aimed at all mosques in Southern Africa
  • Special Lectures at local businesses and corporations
  • Training of Da’wah workers on an ongoing basis
  • Representation of South African Da’wah activities in International and National Forums and Conferences
  • Special support and training for the Muslims of the African Townships
  • Youth projects focusing on the following areas: Education, Social Welfare, Recreation, Media and Lifeskills
  • Da’wah Caravans throughout South Africa and the neighbouring states
  • Collective Da’wah efforts with other local Da’wah organizations
  • Lectures and guided tours to mosques