Notes on Islam in Africa Series: 1 – 3 by Dr Abdullah Hakim Quick

Notes on Islam in Africa Series: 1 – 3 by Dr Abdullah Hakim Quick

Islam in AfricaDr Abdullah Hakim Quick has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of Islamic History on the African continent and it still currently engaged in researching and writing on his findings from travels throughout the African continent to places such as Ethiopia and more recently Zimbabwe. Dr Quick has a PHD in African history and has travelled extensively throughout Africa and the rest of the world.


It is our duty to proceed from what is near to what is distant, from what is known to that which is less known, to gather the traditions from those who have reported them, to correct them as much as possible and to leave the rest as it is, in order to make our work help anyone who seeks truth and loves wisdom.


Abu’l-Rayhan Muhammad al-Biruni , 973-1050 AD

Table of Contents

  1. Locating Africa in History and Geography
  2. Africa in Early History
  3. Tawheed (Monotheism) in Early Africa

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Chapters still to come in this series

  • The World before Muhammad
  • The First Hijra to Al-Habasha
  • Islam in North Africa
  • African/Muslim influence in Europe
  • Islamic Revival in Al-Andalus and North Africa
  • Islam in the Sahara and Early West Africa
  • Islam in Mali
  • Timbuktu, its Rise and Importance
  • Islam in Hausaland and Kanem-Bornu
  • Islamic Revival in 18-19th Century West Africa
  • Islam in East Africa
  • Islam in Southern Africa
  • African /Muslim Presence in America before Columbus
  • African/Muslim Presence in Early America
  • African Muslims in American Slavery
  • Lessons from Islam in Africa