African Sunrise
The Heart of Islamic Revival in West Africa: Sh. Uthman Dan Fodio

The African Sunrise, Black History Month Special, is another addition to our series of courses designed to bring alive the History and achievements of Muslims in Africa and the Americas. The focus is on the concept of Islamic Revival and its actual manifestation on the African continent.

The course will follow the spread of Islam in North and West Africa and the resulting trends of the practice of Islam in an African context. The life and exploits of Shaykh Uthman Dan Fodio vividly show how he influenced West African society socially and intellectually. The course will give a background to life in Hausaland in the 18th Century and the resulting revolution in ideas and lifestyle. Based on the authentic writings of the Shaykh and the witness of historians, we will look at his influence on Muslim scholars, his empowerment of the common people, his program for liberation of women and his revivalist movement that eventually led to the Sokoto Caliphate, an Islamic Empire that governed with Islamic law for  almost 100 years before the coming of the British in the 20th Century.

Emphasis will be placed on showing the relevancy of Shaykh Uthman’s teaching to our lives today and the connection with enslaved African struggle in the Americas.

DATE: Saturdays starting Feb 6th 2021
TIME: 1:30pm-3:30pm (EST)
COST: $95

Shaykh's Bio
Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick has a Masters in African History from the University of Toronto and a Ph.D in West African Islamic History from the University of Toronto as well. He also completed his BA in Islamic Sciences & Da’wah (outreach) from Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia. He has travelled 63 countries around the world and lived in the continent of Africa for ten years. Currently, he is the Resident Scholar and Senior Lecturer at Islamic Institute of Toronto. For full bio click here
Course Outline (more details to follow)

The life of Sh. Uthman Dan Fodio, a true revivalist.

  • Why is he still relevant today?
  • Why he persued revival and not reform?
  • Contradictions vs. Facts about his life and his teachings.
  • How have his teachings impacted Black lives all around the globe.

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