An engaging four part course that took place live in October 2020 with Q&A discussions at the end of each session. ‘The Black Muslim Experience’ course focuses on imparting the importance of the black Muslim historical experience and the influences of African Roots in the Americas to develop lessons for our future generations.



Shaykh's Bio

Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick has a Masters in African History from the University of Toronto and a Ph.D in West African Islamic History from the University of Toronto as well. He also completed his BA in Islamic Sciences & Da’wah (outreach) from Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia. He has travelled 63 countries around the world and lived in the continent of Africa for ten years. Currently, he is the Resident Scholar and Senior Lecturer at Islamic Institute of Toronto. For full bio click here


Detailed Course Outline:

Lesson 1: “Black and Noble”

  • The Importance of Historical Experience
  • The Danger of Euro-Centrism
  • Challenging misconceptions of Africa
  • Blackness in the Ancient world.
  • Blackness in the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
  • Black Muslims around Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

    Lesson 2: Islam enters Africa

    • Reflections on the First Hijra (Migration) to Ethiopia (Abyssinia).
    • Islam crosses North Africa and enters the Sahara Region.
    • Reflections on Al Murabitun (AlMoravid) Movement and the spread of Islam.
    • Great Muslim Empires in West Africa
    • Timbuktu, the Empire of knowledge: Its history and significance.

      Lesson 3: West Africa to Makkah to the Americas.

      • The Great Pilgrimage of Mansa Musa: It’s significance and impact on Africa.
      • African Muslim Presence in the Americas before Columbus: Mansa Abu Bakr and the Mandinka journeys.
      • Proofs of Muslim voyages from Historical sources, maps, artifacts, eyewitness reports, cultural evidence and present day traces.
      • The importance of early African contact to our understanding of African people in the Western Hemisphere.

        Lesson 4: “Black to the Future”

        • African Muslim Presence in American Slavery.
        • Muslim Resistance to Slavery in West Africa.
        • Proofs of Black Enslaved Muslims from eyewitness reports, written documents, autobiographies and records.
        • Black Muslim Presence in South, Central and North America and the Caribbean region.
        • Scholars and leaders in slavery.
        • The legacy of the Black Muslims in slavery and its impact on 20th Century Islamic movements.
        • Conclusion: The importance of understanding African Roots in the Americas and lessons for our future generations.

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